Our practice focuses on exploring the new possibilities emerging from the application of Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Life techniques as our artistic medium. Through them, we reflect on the relationship between technology and life, and our role as developers and consumers of technology, which has a measurable impact on nature and the different lifeforms inhabiting our planet. We explore the possibilities of the evolution and adaptation of such lifeforms to alterations of their natural habitats and ecologies, imagining futures in which not only humans will improve themselves through technology, but other lifeforms will adapt themselves to these changes by means of our technology. We use Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Life techniques to build systems that allow the creation of works that are no longer static, but alive: they can interact with their environment, grow, reproduce and self-organize to form images based on patterns found in nature.

Cristina de Propios

de Propios is an artist and PhD student in Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid. Her recent works have looked at Artificial Life (Neural Cellular Automata), artificial intelligence research, and robotics art.

de Propios holds an MA of Research in Art & Creation (MIAC) faculty of fine arts of Complutense University of Madrid in 2016, and a BA in Fine Art from the Faculty of art (UCM), Madrid in 2015.

Since 2020, she is collaborating as a researcher on the ARTIFICIA platform, that promotes augmented creativity through AI and the arts.

David Estévez

David is a researcher and artist based in Madrid. He holds a Ph.D in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence from the University Carlos III of Madrid.

His previous reseach works include teaching a humanoid robot to perform laundry tasks such as ironing or folding garments, the development of an augmented/mixed-reality robot game that addresses the physical limitations of robots for entertainment, and a self-organizing modular robot that learns different locomotion gaits for different morphologies using Differential Evolution and selects the most suitable movement coordinating modules through digital hormones.

Currently collaborates with artist Cristina de Propios researching the artistic possibilities of Deep Learning-based Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Life techniques applied to different artistic projects.